Sunrooms, Enclosures, Carports, Awnings & More Cool Ray, LLLC offers outdoor living products to Northeast Ohio & Western Pennsylvania

Cool Ray LLC has a wide variety of products available to give your home the upgrade you've been waiting for. Browse our selection of sunrooms, enclosures, carports and awnings below, all of which are custom-designed for your home and come with a complete satisfaction guarantee. Free estimates are available with every option.

Sunrooms and Enclosures

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of natural light in your sunroom or enclosure with huge windows that open up to your yard. Enjoy the sights of your natural surroundings throughout all seasons of the year, while still being able to enjoy the comfort of your home.

Sunroom on outside of house
Inside view of a sunroom enclosure in a house

Patio Covers

These sturdy patio covers give you the ability to sit outside on your patio and enjoy the outdoor air while avoiding the harsh sunlight or rainfall. Pull up your favorite rocking chair and relax thanks to these great products from Cool Ray!

Patio cover spanning the length of a front porch
Patio cover attached to the back of a home


Don't have the need for a full garage? A carport is a simple and effective option to protect your car from the elements without having to spend the money on building a full garage. It's also a great option to extend past your garage if you have multiple cars that need protection but cannot all fit inside the same garage.

Carport connected to screen room of a house
Carport extending past garage to offer protection for more cars

Screen Rooms

Bring yourself closer to the outdoors with a screen room. These screened-in porches give you the ability to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and the sights and sounds of nature while still being protected from the elements.

Screen room addition to a house
Screen room attached to the deck of a house


These simple awnings over your windows or doors make for an aesthetically appealing addition to your home while giving you a small area that you can sit in the shade on nice sunny days.

Step down awning over the window of a house
Step down awning covering the entryway of a house