Awnings, Patio Covers, and Canopies

Below are some examples of what Cool Ray LLC can do for your Ohio or Pennsylvania home. The below examples show homes with carports, patio covers, door canopies and awnings. For questions on our services please email us at or complete our contact form. Free estimates are available.

Vinyl patio cover on a home

Patio Cover

Vinyl patio cover in back yard of a home

Patio Cover For Back Yards

Patio cover in front yard of a home

Patio Cover For Front Yards

Carport attached to the side entrance of a home

Side Entrance Carport

Awnings above the windows & doors of a home

Window / Door Awnings

Carport covering driveway leading to side entrance of a home

Driveway Carport

Awning on front steps of a house

Step Down Awning

Carport installed on the side of a home